God is the Gospel by John Piper

This book review was published in Christian Single.

To John Piper, the gospel is a glittering, multifaceted jewel, ablaze with truth and life. In God is the Gospel, he explores various aspects of the Good News, but emphasizes that the single most important element of this truth is God Himself. “The ultimate good of the gospel is seeing and savoring the beauty and value of God,” he writes.

Piper explores the glory of the Trinity as paramount to the message of redemption, urging readers not to get so caught up in the personal benefits of salvation that they neglect to recognize the God Who made it possible. He also highlights implications of this reality for the Christian journey, pointing readers toward a life that displays God’s glory in word and deed.

While no discussion questions are provided, this in-depth examination of the gospel lends itself well to devotional reading or small-group studies.